Projet de maison d'embarquement

C'est notre plus gros projet à ce jour. Nous avons pris des enfants orphelins et des jeunes dans le besoin, et maintenant ils sont sous notre responsabilité. Ce projet transforme des vies. Soutiendrez-vous la transformation de la prochaine génération?

Orphans and those in Need

This boarding home is home to over 30 boys. Some of them are orphans and others are those in need. We here at the Eyes of Light Foundation Ghanan aim to take care of all of their needs.



Our primary goal is to educate them. Education is the true light that can create a pathway out of poverty and ignorance through.

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A place to call home

We have created an establishment that these young men can call home. You may have a house but it may be considered your home. These young men live here through the year except for vacation.